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It's Northwest Florida's Newest Concept In Radio

Bringing the best variety of music you'll hear anytime, anywhere to Milton Florida and beyond! Rock, Pop, Old School and a little New School, too! And we do it all with no sports, politics, news, commercials or DJs who like to talk too much. Just great music!

If you're in the John Hamm Road / Plantation Woods area you can tune in to 102.9 FM. 

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 "Alexa, ask Get Me Radio! to play Northwest Florida Community Radio"

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Broadcasting To Northwest Florida and the World!

We bring you the best music from the old to the new. Great music has no expiration date. 

Live Punk Band

Friday Night New Wave 

7 PM Central

It's the Friday Night New Wave all request show every Friday night at 7PM Central with your host Gary Teele

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The Neighborhood Radio


Join us on FRS or GMRS Channel 15! The John Hamm Road / Plantation Woods Neighborhood Channel! 

What is the Neighborhood Radio Project?

What started out as a desire to have my own little music station, grew into a project to help benefit our community. Did you know there are radio operators who help in emergencies? They can pass information over the radio around the community or around the world! They do it with no internet. When cell phones don't work, radio does. Need to get a message out to relatives letting them know you're ok after a hurricane and can't get through by phone? They can do that. Need to get help, but can't get through on the phone? They can do that! 

The Neighborhood Radio Project is a blending of ideas and concepts brought together for the benefit of our neighborhood. The project involves several branches, including the NWFC radio station, the GMRS repeater, and more coming soon! Would you believe we can have neighborhood wide texting over radio? No internet needed!

Northwest Florida Community Radio

Your local neighborhood radio station on 102.9!

After some testing, we have finally found our home on 102.9! We are a low power FM station, so our range is limited to just our neighborhood. For those not able to hear us, we are online also! Right here! We are on the Zeno Music app and the app, too. We're even on Alexa! That's the fun part. We also have the ability to increase our power to increase our range if needed during emergencies. This allows us to pass on information to the neighborhood.

New Repeater is on the air!

The new GMRS repeater is located on John Hamm Road and covers John Hamm, Plantation Woods and the surrounding area. you can find it on GMRS channel 15 or 462.550 with a plus 5 Mhz offset and no tone. It's a small setup, but will be upgraded soon. You can use an FRS radio on channel 15 but your range is limited and it will not activate the repeater, but you can still hear everyone and talk to those close to you. 


It's like a free neighborhood chat line! No plans or subscriptions. No internet needed.

What is GMRS?

GMRS is a type of radio similar to a CB. It's the big brother of FRS. Those little walkie talkies you get at places like Walmart. Those little radios are good, but GMRS is so much better! The both use the same channels (frequencies), but GMRS allows you to use much better radios, using more power and better antennas. The GMRS license is $35 and covers your whole family. Spouse, kids, parents, etc. You can use walkie talkies like in FRS or have a mobile like a cb in your car or truck, or set up a base station at home.

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Get Your Northwest Florida Community Radio Swag Here!

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T Shirts, Mugs and More! Show your support and help us spread the word about Northwest Florida's Newest Concept In Radio!


T Shirts, Mugs and More! Show your support and help us spread the word about Northwest Florida's Newest Concept In Radio!

Show Your Milton Pride!

T Shirts, Mugs and More! Show your support and help us spread the word about Northwest Florida's Newest Concept In Radio!

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